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Reference Projects

First Big Data Implementors

in the Middle East

Onyxes delivered the first big data project for a telecoms company in Iraq, for implementation and managed services.

First Security Operations

Center (SOC)

Onyxes has setup the first Security Operations Center (SOC, a centralised unit that deals with security issues on an organisational and technical level) in Iraq.

First Deep Packet

Inspection Project

Onyxes team successfully implemented the first deep packet inspection (DPI) project in collaboration with Sandvine for a telecoms company.

Onyxes Ecosystem

Onyxes Protect

Protect your business from threats, downtime, loss of data and more.


Onyxes Rescue

Onyxes Rescue provides tools to perform penetration testing, monitor your network for vulnerabilities and provide solutions to make your network rock solid.

Onyxes Advance

Onyxes Advance will deliver intelligent data and reporting to support your company strategy. Extract value from the data you have.

Onyxes Compute

From laptops and desktops to servers and virtual desktop infrastructure, we have the devices to support your needs.

Onyxes Anywhere

Get your teams working remotely, through Cloud and Collaboration tools with secure access to all your internal tools.

Onyxes Passive

Delivering all the services you need to manage your infrastructure, data centre and more!



Onyxes Manage

With Onyxes Managed Services, our skilled team of experts will support your needs from full infrastructure management to software support.

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