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Win more business, access unlimited technologies, reduce overhead.

With Onyxes Managed Services, our skilled team of experts will support your needs from full infrastructure management to software support. Think of managed services and more than just call centre support, but a key growth strategy, better cost control and reduction of overhead and freeing up key staff to work on key business projects and growth.

We manage any system, anywhere, any size, anytime.

Leverage our systems to grow your business

Select managed services across our entire ecosystem.

As online infrastructure takes on a asset-like statuses, take advance of scaling your business with CapeEx-as-a-Service offering powered by Onyxes Technologies. We focus on Business, Technology and Operational transformation and offer managed services across these components:

Channel & Partner Transformation


Network Operations Center (NOC) Management


Disaster Management Setup


Revenue Optimization


Marketing Enhancement & Visibility


Data Center Setup & Management


Data Architecture Government


Business Process Automation


Start your managed services journey.

Advantages of managed services

Adopting managed services is intended to be an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, have access to skills and address issues related to cost, quality of service and risk. Source Wikipedia.

In addition, these key benefits are top business drivers:

  • Scalability
  • Predictable Low Cost
  • Reliable Relationships
  • Improved Risk Management
  • Future-proofing IT Services
  • Narrowed Business Focus
  • Data Compliance
  • High Availability & Efficiency

Managed Services Pillars

A Managed Services approach can enable consistent, ongoing process adjustments and lead to business and technology process optimisation throughout an organisation. We assess your “AS-IS” situation, conduct an analysis applying various technologies and provide you with a “Desired Outcome”.


Onyxes Managed Services will support your infrastructure from Network Operations to Server & Data Center Management.



Onyxes Manage will guide your journey to the Cloud, from managing "on-prem" servers, to transitioning to "hybrid", to management of private or public cloud services.


Application Management

Application Management, Licensing and Training can be facilitated through Onyxes Manage. Whether you need the full outsourced service or project-based, we support all your needs.


Digital Transformation

From Process Development and Management to Digital Transformation, let our team of experts take your business processes to the next level and automate your processes for enhanced efficiency.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Onyxes Managed Services will support your IoT interventions through working with Onyxes Advance to connect your systems using technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.


Network Management

Onyxes Manage will support and maintain your network, ensure systems are continuously monitored and alert you to system vulnerabilities before they impact your business.



Give your customers the reassurance that you can service them irrespective of the size of your team. Onyxes Managed Services will support your customers, while you focus on business.


Professional Services

If professional skills are what you need, we will source them for you, whether you need them short or long term. Let Onyxes Manage deliver the professional skills you need.


Business Intelligence

Onyxes BI will allow easy data analysis of business information to make fast business decisions.



From network security and firewalls to deep packet inspection, our expert team will implement the best technologies to protect your business against disaster.


Big Data

From customer behavior analytics to operations analysis, Onyxes Managed Services for Big Data will enable your business to make strategic decisions fast and see visible results!


Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) deals with security issues on an organizational and technical level 24/7/365.


Backup & Storage

Let our expert team setup and automate your backup processes and monitor your devices and storage limits remotely.


Database Administrators

Our DBA will handle all tasks from capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security and troubleshooting.


Document Management

Onyxes Manage Services for Document Management include imaging, mobile image capture, versioning, automation, metadata management, file type conversion, document sharing & collaboration.


Mobile Money

Onyxes Mobile Money and Financial Services bring technology that allows people to receive, store and spend money using a mobile phone. Our managed services offers access to mobile money technology, billing services and more.

In Partnership with Top ICT Companies

We partner with companies who have tried and tested world-class products and services.

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Business objectives

If any of these form part of your business strategy, sign-up for Onyxes Managed Services today!

Improved customer experience

Ramp up customer service support

Expand service offering

Outsource IT services

Suggested bundled services

Onyxes Manage can be bundled across any of our services across the entire Onyxes Ecosystem of products. Subscribe and access managed services to enable Business, Technology or Operational transformation and get visible results today!

Onyxes Manage Overview

Managed Help Desk Services

Industry-specific solutions are geared to focus on specific challenges, reducing implementation time.

Managed License Agreements

We will manage your license agreements with vendors to ensure software continuity and get the support your need.

Managed Outsourcing

Don’t limit your business growth by lack of resources. We can support your needs by staffing the skills you need.

Managed Enterprise Software Management

We will install, manage and support  your enterprise software needs to ensure business continuity and improved productivity.

Power your business

Power your business with Onyxes Technologies managed services and industry-specific solutions.