Business Computing

Get your workforce equipped for any situation.

From laptops and desktops to servers and virtual desktop infrastructure, we have the devices to support your needs.

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Work with reliable, power systems

Here is what some of our customers expect from cutting edge technologies powering their businesses.

Our team gets to work faster and stay productive for longer.

We needed a mobile option that was affordable, with all the features we needed and have options that were really great looking.

Being in education, finding an end-to-end solution that could withstand accidental drops and geared specifically for education was key, Onyxes helped us find and source the right tools.

Anywhere computing

Get your workforce ready for remote working in any situation.

For laptops and desktops to servers and virtual desktop infrastructure, we have the devices to support your needs. Get started right here.

Business computing

Flexible desktop solutions.

In flexible desktop solution we use latest technologies that will lead you to  flexibility and speed all the time.

From mid-range to high-end our product range for desktop and laptop solutions will impress you and keep you up to date with flexible solutions and interest.

Rugged computing

Computer power to match yours

Rugged computing is designed for durability. Take it everywhere, it is as powerful and durable as you are.

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Business objectives

If you’ve ever had any of these issues or need help, start here.

Affordable and powerful

Easy setup and maintenance

Easy access by multiple users

Support remote management

Reliability and compatibility

Suggested Bundled Services

Bundled Services

Power your tools, then boost your business.

Data & Business Intelligence

Onyxes Advance

Advance your business with data intelligence tools that extracts maximum value.

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CCTV & Access Control

Onyxes Passive

Enhance your security with physical devices or with power infrastructure.

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Value to your business

We deliver the following capabilities through the power of technology.

Full range available

Trusted hardware

Latest technology available

Supporting your business growth

End-to-end hardware (from server to user)

Onyxes Compute Overview

Power your business

Power your business with Onyxes Technologies managed services and industry-specific solutions.