Remote access services

Work from anywhere

Get your teams working remotely, through Cloud and Collaboration tools with secure access to all your internal tools.

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Remote anytime access perfect for all working conditions

Here is what some of our customers expect from remote anytime plans or products:

Remote working allows us to save on the requirement for additional data center infrastructure.

We are able to access our applications and any desktops hosted on premises with security and ease.


Managed services

Don’t rely on  in-house skills, make Onyxes Managed Services your go-to for secure, remote connectivity services.

Enable remote connectivity and increase productivity through secure network access with Onyxes Managed Services. Contact our sales team to find out how you can access our Capex-as-a-Service model to boost your business through the power of technology. Through uncertain times, make remote working a certainty for your team and your customers.

Business objectives

Make these business objectives part of your key productivity strategy:

Collaboration Through Secure Tools

Teleworker Solutions

Secure Networking Access

Public or Private Cloud Infrastructure & Services


Suggested Bundled services

Bundled services

Start collaborating with your customers, teams and partners, and then boost your performance with these added services.

Reliable Computing Power

Onyxes Compute

Upgrade your servers, laptops and more through Onyxes Compute and get the latest technology to boost your business.

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Customised Managed Services

Onyxes Manage

Start with single service or get end-to-end support from our expert team.

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Value to your business

We deliver the following capabilities through the power of technology.

Managed Service Setup of Collaboration Tools

Secure Remote Management of Remote Users

Effective Network Routing

Private & Public Cloud Service Setup & Management

Onyxes Anywhere Overview


Industry-specific solutions are geared to focus on specific challenges, reducing implementation time.


Our managed services scales as your business needs change. Outsource your challenge areas today.

Teleworker Solutions

Onyxes Anywhere enables full Teleworker Solutions from conferencing to internal phone systems available with secure remote services.


Onyxes Anywhere enables teams to feel like they are in the office with secure, fast access to internal systems.

Power your business

Power your business with Onyxes Technologies managed services and industry-specific solutions.