5G communications tower with man using mobile phone

Job Title: Senior Specialist (PA/GA)

Period: To be confirmed

Job Responsibilities

  • Support of Operating and Basic IT&T Services

Qualifications & Skills

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in information systems, Computer Science or a related technical field;
  • Valid certification for:
    • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of the systems Intron-D and Intron-D Plus from INDUSTRONIC Company;
    •  Using of explosion-proof equipment (EPIT, ATEX);
    • Work at height.

Education, Experience, and other Requirements

  • Not less than 5-years of experience in installation, configuration, and maintenance of INDUSTRONIC and/or other vendor’s PA/GA systems;
  •  Knowledge of international standards for Public Address and General Alarm systems design, deployment, and maintenance;
  • Familiar with low voltage signal transmission;
  • Skills of understanding, interpretation, preparation of IT&T and electrical design documentation;
  • Language skills: English – Intermediate level.


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